Vehicle owners already trust their workshop or dealership to deliver the highest standards of customer service. Maintain their trust by incorporating tire inspection into routine vehicle safety checks.

TREADREADER tire measurement allows workshops and dealerships to detect accelerated tread wear and diagnose problems early. Customers will recognize their vehicle’s tread pattern in the 3D scan results and color-coded tread depth measurements are easy to read, giving them a clear understanding of the need for tire replacement or additional services.

Share TREADREADER 3D tire scans with customers in a vehicle inspection report to educate them on the importance of tire tread depth. Providing this added safety check increases customer confidence and trust, motivating them to return for future servicing or repairs. Also, knowing when tires need replacement creates an opportunity for you to schedule their next appointment.

TREADREADER 3D scans do not just reveal tread depth; they also show any unusual wear patterns caused by wheel misalignment or suspension issues. Workshops and dealerships are able to offer additional services to customers as needed, thus growing shop revenue and increasing overall customer satisfaction.