• Redefining tyre measurement

    TreadReader tyre measurement technology creates a 3D laser scan> of a tyre patch across the full width of the tyre. Detailed tread depth measurements can reveal uneven wear symptomatic of problems such as wheel misalignment or worn suspension.

    Accurate readings enable tyre replacement at the optimum time, to maximise tyre safety, and present revenue opportunities> to the trade from increased tyre sales or service hours.

  • Hand Held Scanner

    The TreadReader Hand Held Scanner> is a compact, rugged and lightweight device. Quick and easy to use, it eliminates errors associated with manual depth gauges.

    Drive Over Ramp

    The TreadReader Drive Over Ramp> is a fully automated tyre wear measurement system that can be configured for passenger cars> or trucks and buses>.

  • TreadReader business case

    For workshops and tyre dealerships>, TreadReader creates opportunities to grow tyre sales and increase service sales, such as wheel alignment.

    For commercial vehicle> operators, the opportunity is to retain tyres in their most fuel efficient condition for longer and to reduce fleet running costs, both in term of fuel savings and reduced PPK contract charges.