The patented TREADREADERTM tyre measurement technology creates a detailled 3d scan of each tyre , constructed from 320,000 measurement points, with an accuracy of <0.2mm or 0.008”.

By scanning the full width of the tyre and 75mm around the tyre, TREADREADER devices far surpass the accuracy and reliability of traditional dip gauges and non-contact ‘laser pointer’ measurement devices, producing detailled 3d images which show the condition of the tyre tread with absolute clarity.

The TREADREADER HandHeld scanner is ideal for all tyre inspection applications in workshops, service centers, inspection lanes, vehicle depots, by mobile tyre fitters and for roadside inspection. The TREADREADER HandHeld scanner is flexible and tin be used both in open areas, or a more confined workshop environment.

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Available for Android® and iOS®, the new TREADREADER app is user friendly, guiding you through the scanning process, within a few steps you pair your scanner with your mobile device being able to set details, perform scanning and accessing the saved data.

The powerful algorithms calculate the tyre tread depths generating intuitive 3D colour-coded renders to show the tyre conditions, it also displays tread warning and error alarms for every axle and tyre position.

Fully integrated with TREADREADER HandHeld or DriveOver, the TREADMANAGERTM is a cloud-based tyre management platform designed to improve your service productivity and boost sales. it stores scan, wagon and tyre data in a professional way also allowing the service managers to visualise reports on the number of vehicles scanned, technician activity as well as sales opportunities for tires and wheel alignment.


Dimensions (L x W x H)
180mmx90mmx70mm ≈ 7"x3.5"x28"
Scan zone
50mmx23mm ≈ 2”x0.9”
Maximum tread depth
23mm ≈ 0.9"
Measurement accuracy
< 0.2mm ≈ 0.008”
Laser class
Class 2
5V DC rechargeable battery w/ USB 3.1 Type C / 100-240 VAC
Environmental rating
IP 64
Operating temperature range
0°C to 50°C ≈ 32°F to 122°F
Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)


Surface mounted and best suited to service drive application
Portable device suitable for static and mobile applications
Produces 3D tread depth scan
Produces operator report incorporating vehicle ID and colour coded tread depth indicators
Provides accurate reading even for wet or dirty tyres
Integrates with garage management system