40% of road traffic accidents caused by vehicle defects tyre related


27% of vehicles on the road have at least one illegal tyre


20% of drivers admit to never checking the condition of their tyres


Almost two-thirds of drivers don’t know the penalty for illegal tyres

1,2 million

people die every year in traffic crashes around the world and injure up to 50 million. In fact, many of these casualties are preventable, as per WHO. Prioritizing safety includes, among others, periodical inspections.


One in four tyre related traffic accidents occurs as a result of illegal tyres, the tyre tread play a crucial role on the grip performance when driving.

On tyres below 3.5mm of tread, the average stopping distance is affected, increasing rapidly.
At the legal minimum of 1.6mm, the stopping distance can become 65% higher.
Low tread depth on tyres also significantly increases the risk of aquaplaning. In fact, on tyres with less than the minimum tread depth, the speed at which aquaplaning can start is reduced by 40%.

The simulation is based on aggregated data from industry experts. Although the legal minimum tread depth is only 1.6mm, the stopping distance represents an extra 8 meters in wet conditions when compared to a 3mm tread.


A routine inspection is critical to ensure safety and spread awareness towards the tyre condition. to measure the remaining tread life its easy, simple and fast with today’s digital measuring.

The digital scanner is very accurate and tin collect readings from up to 400,000 multiple points within the measuring zone. this is helpful in showing a wear pattern in addition to remaining tread, besides that, the scanned information is recorded tin be presented as an inspection report.

The TREADREADERTM technology allied with an increased awareness about the tyre conditions, provide a potential reduction in road traffic accidents and fewer fatalities.


Tyre service providers, fleet operators and private motorists all share a responsibility to maximise their safety through correct tyre maintenance. a good tyre maintenance practices are best achieved through regular tyre condition checks and accurate tread depth measurement.